A working group of spirited young people conceived the idea of the Newanuga to revive, to revitalize and to restore the language, the culture and the distinct way of life. The idea is to re-establish its strong identity.

The Newa Nuga movement diagnoses all that is painfully lacking and spells out all the needs to be re-adopted in the modern Newa society, so that an ideal model gets established.

Newa Nuga is an organization being established with a view to bringing together all Newars and non-Newars included to achieve its mission. Newanuga is mainly concerned with the issues of local culture, people, development as well as other aspects of it.

Newa Nuga welcomes everybody both in the country and abroad who are willing to support its mission. However, the executive body will hold the power of granting membership.

All educated, compentent and economically capable Newars to set an example to the world.